Saturday, August 7, 2010

Cloth Diapers

I just recently started using cloth diapers about 3 months ago.  My husband and I looked at them online before we had our daughter Addison.  We didn't realize all the different kinds that there were!  We were overwhelmed.  Luckily, a friend of ours had a child before us and started to use cloth diapers.  She told us about a local woman who had a cloth diaper website (  Since she is local she will set up a meeting to explain everything to you and the best part she will rent you a variety pack of diapers so that you can try them all out and pick which ones work best for you (she rents out variety packs to non-local people also).  This was such a great option.  We ended up liking ones that were different from everyone else we know that uses cloth diapers.  We now use Flip cloth diapers.  We ended up liking the price range and the non-organic inserts because the wick the moisture away from your baby's bum so it feels dry even after they have urinated.
We still use disposable on trips and we give nannies/babysitters the option of both.  However, we have found that we really like using non-disposable diapers.  It has saved us a lot of money and we feel better about not throwing diapers out every time we change them.  Figuring out a system for the poopy diapers has been a little bit of a challenge.  My husband bought a spray hose from the hardware store that is meant to go on your shower.  I have had some difficulty attaching it to the toilet (which has to be done each time you use it because it cuts off the supply to the toilet).  My arms are much shorter than my 6'3" husband's and the water supply (which you must push against) has high pressure.  However, usually I prevail in the end, although the wall behind the toilet is often sprayed in the process, and the high pressure water serves me well when I am using it to blast solids off the diaper. We will have to see if we stick with this system or not.  For now it is working.
Even though we had made the switch to cloth diapers I was still using disposable wipes.  I just crossed over to cloth wipes about a week ago.  I thing that I really like about the cloth wipes is the solution I am using with them.  It has tea tree oil in it and it has helped so much with the smell of diaper laundry bucket.  We keep the solution in a wipes warmer that we already had so the solution is nice and warm every time.  When I run out of tea tree oil I might try one with lavender oil.
I will post the wipe solution recipe so if anyone is interested you can have it.  Also it will help me keep track of it.

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  1. Great info, Jen! I've been wanting to do cloth diapers for our next one, but there's so much information out there I get completely overwhelmed. I'll have to look into this local diaper business. I love the cloth wipe idea, too.